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How to choose healthy and safe wet wipes?
Time : 2019-12-25

How to choose healthy and safe wet wipes?

Baby's skin is delicate, and parents usually choose baby wipes to wipe their baby's hands and buttocks. However, in the face of many brands of baby wipes on the market, do you really buy them when you are just a parent? Pay attention to novice parents! Choosing baby wipes is a matter of skill! Some Baoma will say: there are paper towels and towels, why do we use them? We don't use them at home The habit of wipes is to use more paper towels and towels. I think wipes are dispensable. The material of wipes vs paper towels is wood pulp, and the material of wipes is non-woven fabric. In terms of material, wipes are softer. We can use paper towels to wipe hands, but if we wipe the face and buttocks of the baby with tender skin, the paper towels are a little rough for them. If you are not careful, you will It's painful to wipe. It's red. It's painful to think about it. Paper towels are also easy to remove debris. How can you use paper towels to wipe such important parts as mouth and buttocks?

Wipes VS towels
When it comes to towels, many of my colleagues say they don't use towels to clean their faces. Why?
Towels are often placed in the humid toilet. Bacteria and mites like this kind of environment best. It's unimaginable how many bacteria grow in a towel after a long time. And wet towels are disposable. Throw them when you use them, and don't need to think about them.
In addition, the baby's small buttocks should be cleaned in time to prevent red buttocks. If a towel is used, it should be washed several times a day, which is not only tossing, but also easy to wash unclean and residual bacteria
It should be carefully checked whether the package breaks, even within the warranty period, but once the sealing of the outer package is damaged, it will affect the quality of the wet towel, and may be invaded by bacteria in the air.
Take a piece of wet paper towel and feel its texture, thickness and softness. Secondly, the thicker wet paper towel feels better in the use process and will not easily crack and affect the cleaning effect.
Look at information
If there is no or unclear information on the package, such as production date, production license and manufacturer, do not purchase.
It's better to be tasteless, so as not to cause allergy to baby.
Refreshing degree
Take out the wet towel if it feels sticky and not fresh enough, put it into the water, there will be a lot of foam. This kind of wet towel may add some irritant ingredients, which will cause damage to the baby's skin.
See the moisturizing effect
After the wet tissue is wiped on the back of the hand, the longer the skin on the back of the hand can remain tender, the better the quality of the wet tissue is.

Especially for those scented wet paper towels for infants and children, parents should check the ingredients carefully to see if they have added more exciting ingredients as spices. Or their children will be allergic to what things, and whether there is such ingredient on the wet paper towels should be paid attention to.

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